Agorism, the Laissez-faire Marketplace

Laissez-faire noun \ˌle-ˌsā-ˈfer, ˌlā-, -ˌzā-\: a doctrine opposing governmental interference in economic affairs beyond the minimum necessary for the maintenance of peace and property rights (Merriam Webster)

The Agora was the ancient Greek marketplace, literally, a gathering place.

Not only does the unregulated marketplace exist; it thrives in most areas of the world, and has for the history of mankind.  Journalist Robert Neurwirth discusses the informal economies of Nigeria and China in his book, Stealth of Nations, on his blog, and in this informative video.

The informal economy, agorism, isn’t just something that works well in other countries. We all participate when we shop at garage sales, hire babysitters, trade a cooked meal for a neighbor’s help in painting the house. Our kids get five bucks or video game time in return for cleaning their rooms. Nothing is more natural than trading without third-party interference.

Read more on the Lake Minnetonka Patch.

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