Rules Controversy Could Cost Romney Critical Support in General Election

For Immediate Release
August 30, 2012


Marianne Stebbins
Phone: 952-239-1007

Craig Westover
Phone: 612-309-1492

Rules Controversy Could Cost Romney Critical Support in General Election

“Defeating President Obama requires enthusiastic support of grassroot activists” saysMinnesota Delegation Chair Marianne Stebbins 

(Tampa) – Following a multi-state press conference at the Republican National Convention protesting RNC rule changes that would bind state delegates to future national conventions and give the RNC unprecidented power to change convention rules without a vote by national delegates, Minnesota Delegation Chair Marianne Stebbins issued the following statement.

“The controversy over the rules is not simply an interparty squabble,” said Stebbins. “It could cost Gov. Romney the election. There is no campaign without a healthy grassroots. And the grassroots are furious. I’ve received hundreds of emails and phone calls from all over Minnesota, and they are still coming in. Some say say they won’t work for Romney; others say they won’t vote him. Losing grassroots support — the volunteers that make a campaign go — could cost critical votes in critcial states and ultimately the election.”

“The rules controversy is a power grab that is at the at heart of the debate within the Republican Party. Gov. Romney is campaigning on decentralizing federal power and returning decison-making to the states, while within the Republican Party, the RNC is centralizing power and taking authority from the states. That’s a clear contradiction of the Republican Party’s fundamental principles. The idea that we live better when we live free applies inside the party as much as it does outside the party,” said Stebbins.

“At this point, we feel it is imperative that Gov. Romney use his power as the Republican Party candidate for President to instruct the RNC to use the power granted to it in revised rules and eliminate the controversial binding rule and immediately use the same power to strip itself of the authority to change party rules without approval of national delegates,” said Stebbins.

—– End —–
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