Grassroots Vow to Stay and Fight

In the wake of the RNC Rules power grab, grassroots activists are vowing not to let the elites’ effort to push them out succeed.  The Rules Committee report came up for a vote before the Republican National Convention Tuesday afternoon following contentious pre-meetings, and was vigorously opposed on the convention floor.  (It was unclear whether they “ayes” or “nays” were in the majority, regardless of the Chairman’s ruling.)

Delegates from states spanning the map from Minnesota to Texas, California and Vermont have already been meeting to plan strategies to neutralize the chilling effects on the grassroots movement.

Expect to hear more as a wide variety of factions coalesce and plan for action.

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One Response to Grassroots Vow to Stay and Fight

  1. Karl Eggers says:

    The question is not whether we fight but where we fight. Is the GOP the best place for our energy?

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