Rules Committee Compromise is No Deal

The establishment/Romney campaign has offered a minimal compromise to the supporters of the Rules Committee Minority Report which leaves in place most of the objectionable power grabs, namely the mandate to states to bind their delegates and the ability for the RNC to change the rules without convention approval.  Meanwhile, support for the full Minority Report continues to grow as grassroots activists across the nation flood email inboxes with protests.  Stay tuned…

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1 Response to Rules Committee Compromise is No Deal

  1. As the GOP Endorsed Candidate for MN House of Representatives 60A I am up against one of the most entrenched DFL strongholds in Minnesota. It is difficult enough running without our own GOP RNC leadership using obvious ugly obstructionist tactics to qwell the Real Grass Roots Movement, to bring Actual Change to America, oddly is heart warming in a warped way. It seems we are over the target and recieving flac. With that said, will The RNC back off, do whats right and allow the elected state delegates do their job? We will see who will prevail today,
    God save America

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