It’s not about politics. But…

Yes, government IS the problem.  And those who enter the fray intent on lessening the burden often become part of the problem. 85% of the time.

My clear-thinking friends believe the answer to liberty comes through living freely, through networking with like-minded sorts, trading and otherwise living independently, shunning politics.

Even if the statement is true that, while you might not be interested in government, government is interested in you, getting involved in politics, electing smallish government candidates, makes government bigger.  Name a smallish government candidate who has gotten elected and made government smaller.

As I said in my speech for national delegate, I worked 20 years in the Republican Party, and the harder I worked, the bigger government got.

So, yes, those who say we should bypass politics entirely, because anyone who gets elected becomes part of the problem, have a point.


How did you find out about the liberty movement?  If you are trading raw milk for honey or buying a gun with silver or attending a canning class, how did you meet or find out about those opportunities?

Maybe you were a good conservative Republican, like I was, who thought government should be a LOT smaller and we should be closing federal departments that violated the Constitution, but didn’t consider that War is the Health of the State.  Until…

Or maybe you were already anti-war, but didn’t realize the depth to which the Federal Reserve had ruined lives.  Until…

Or it was internet privacy. Or gun rights. Or health freedom. Or one of any number of issues that linked you to Ron Paul.  A candidate for President.  And the picture became clear.

While we can all try to live freely, the truth is we need a culture of freedom.  We need our fellow man with us.  And politics is most often the hook.

Successful politics requires organization.  It requires us to get to know each other and to work together. A foundation for a voluntary society.

Suspect the man who wants to get elected, but respect the process as an end to a means.

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