Weekly Standard: A Revolution Comes to Minnesota

A Revolution Comes to Minnesota

Ron Paul devotees take over a state party.

Published at http://www.weeklystandard.com on 11:50 AM, MAY 24, 2012 • BY MICHAEL WARREN

St. Cloud, Minn.
An anxious hush falls over the crowd early Friday evening at the Minnesota state Republican party convention. The hum of chatter has died down as the delegates whisper to each other in anticipation. They all know what’s next on the agenda. Ron Paul is coming.

There’s a small ripple of cheers and applause that grows exponentially louder as a small, hunched man in a dark suit hobbles toward the stage. In the crowd, suddenly, it seems a thousand “Ron Paul 2012” signs have materialized out of nowhere. The delegates climb onto their chairs, waving the signs in the air, cheering and shouting and screaming.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Ron Paul!” The convention hall is in frenzy. “President Paul! President Paul!” the chant rings out.

Paul takes to the lectern, smiling and waving. “Lots of friends of liberty in this town,” he croaks out. “Congratulations for joining the revolution!”

There’s no doubt there’s been a revolution in the Minnesota Republican party. Most observers on the ground in St. Cloud say anywhere from 40 to 50 percent of the delegates are Ron Paul devotees—maybe more. So what happens when the Paulites take over a state party?

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