In libertarian wave, GOP sells its soul * Star Tribune

In libertarian wave, GOP sells its soul

  • Article by: BEN KYRIAGIS
  • Updated: May 31, 2012 – 6:53 PM

The philosophy falls apart when it comes down to actual leadership.

In a May 27 commentary (“Republican Party finds its soul”), Jason Lewis claims that the only difference between libertarians and the rest of the Republican Party is their position toward war. On all other issues, he implies, they sing the same hymns.

First, it is nice to know, as the headline suggests, that the lost soul of the Republican Party has been found. Political parties most of all need to have a soul. And the soul of the Republican Party now seems to be, according to Lewis, that “free-market capitalism is its own reward because it embraces the morality of freedom.”

Ayn Rand, the atheist philosopher that Republicans love, said the same thing probably a thousand different ways, but according to Lewis, this is a recent event brought about by Ron Paul and his supporters.

It seems to me that when their party is doing something unpopular or when the current Republican candidate for president is not inspiring, many Republicans turn to libertarianism.

Limited government is the heart of the libertarian philosophy. This is in direct conflict with the need for services from the government, and many Republican presidents and politicians have tried to reach the proper balance.


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